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Zambian Woman Creates Gorgeous Outfits Inspired by Traditional African Clothing

Zambian Woman Creates Gorgeous Outfits Inspired by Traditional African Clothing...

Africa is a vast continent with a great diversity of nations and cultures that grace its beautiful land. And with each of those cultures comes a mixture of customs and traditions that make them all unique. The Zambian famous dancer, creative, and former Miss Africa Great Britain Chinyanta started out by styling a collection of outfits inspired by traditional African clothing worn by women in sev

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# Fashion Buzz
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Hypn Photography [Photographer]

I'm a female photographer from Canada; I studied professional photography at Ryerson university. I'm an IT consultant, Makeup Artist, Fashion Designer, and Clinical Hypnotist.  My passion for creation and innovation never ends.  Always remember, " Your best photograph is just one thought away!!" Samar

Inessa Perevoznikova [Photographer]

This is my second year as a commercial photographer. I know how to work with studio equipment, I like to try different lighting schemes. I also like to shoot in a creative direction, where my mind is not limited in action. I have been praised by clients for my ability to photograph effectively and efficiently while maintaining balance and enthusiasm. My love for photography appeared back in 2014,

Emma Corbett [Makeup Artist]

I'm a qualified and certified makeup artist from London. I've worked on London and paris fashion shows, international models, red carpet celebrity award ceremonies, international pageants and also won

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