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[Fashion Photographer]



Freelance photographer in the Netherlands: Levi’s, The Hague Fashion Week, The Hague magazine, Diversity Fashion Week. Dutch brands: Fares Moses, Irina Krutasova, J.Veldkamp, MS Pintus, Nata Ryzh, Fanny De Ruyter, Michelangelo Winklaar


Administrator at photo studio “Be Photo”, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Freelance photographer, Kyiv, Ukraine: Fashion Week Ukraine, magazine “Ukrainian Fashion”, Ukrainian brands: Yarkiy, Vorozhbyt&Zemskova, Psaryova, Radisaff, Dzhus, Anna Kuzmenko, Art Zakharov


Freelance photographer in Odessa, Ukraine, the magazines “Finansoff” and “Zavarnik”, Fiamma multi-brand store.

Well known singers, Nastya Kamenskih, Slava Voinikov.

Ukrainian brands: AsPoli, Natali Bolgar, Kriza, Ethnolady, Liture, Alexandra Garbar, Dalauri


Teacher of photography at the lyceum of the

South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky


Solo Exhibitions


“Feel” exhibition on the theme of "Body Landscape"

Art space “Motloh” Mezhyhirska 22/23

Group exhibitions and festivals


Rotterdam Photo Festival on the theme

"Imagine", Willemsplain 85, Rotterdam, Netherlands february 1-4


Photo art exhibition in the art gallery “Vrij Paleis”, Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam

Awards, Grants and scholarships


Winner of the Dutch competition Rotterdam photo 2024, participation in the Rotterdam Photo Festival from February 1-4, 2023

First place out of 2000 participants in the photo competition on the theme “Attracting attention”

The best pictures from Photo Vogue 9.05.2023

Shortlist Levi’s Your 501 story


Winner of the photo competition on the theme “The movie that inspires me”


Fashion Life Awards 2019

Residence: Purmerend, Netherlands


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