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[Fashion Photographer]

Photographer Kano Hayasaka :

With a total of 33,000 followers on social media, Kano Hayasaka is a skilled photographer specializing in branding and guiding female entrepreneurs to the next level with just one profile picture.

Since becoming independent in 2015, she has consistently filled her courses and photo sessions with zero advertising costs. Her reputation is built on her photography style of capturing customers' natural beauty and genuine expressions while they open their hearts and smile in front of the camera. Her services are in high demand, even from those who are camera-shy.

Kano also excels in capturing the abundant smiles of children in open-air locations during family and kids' photoshoots, and she offers easily understandable photo lessons that are quite popular. She has worked with around 1,000 families and female entrepreneurs through her photography.

In her private life, she is a mother of two.

Additional achievements:
- Godox Ambassador for Kenko Professional Imaging Corporation.
- Presented as a speaker at the "CP+" 2021 camera festival, with over 50,000 registered attendees.
- Presented on the main stage at the "PhotoNEXT 2021," Japan's largest photo business exhibition with 5,500 attendees.
- Featured on TV Asahi's information program.
- Featured in the autumn 2021 issue of the magazine "写真ライフ" (Photo Life).
- Holds a qualification of "準1級" (Semi-First Class) in the Photo Master Certification.

Residence: Saitama, Japan


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