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[Fashion Photographer]

Self-taught since 14 yo, passionate about image and digital editing, I've commited myself since 2006 on fashion photography and more broadly on the woman universe (clothing, jewelry, makeup, accessories) through photography.

Photography means life to me. Among all my senses, the view is the most developped of all and I’ve always been looking at things in a photographic eye, just like through a permanent lens. I share the same interest for photography and painting in a sense that painting for centuries was they only way to illustrate stories and photography took the concept further. I started to shoot 40 years ago because i felt i needed a fertile ground for my creativity and my vivid imagination.

My works have been published worldwide, I had a few front covers in the US and Marocco and I participate to numerous shows during Paris Fashion Weeks to promote new designers from all over the globe.

Residence: Paris, France


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