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Photos of Aberdeen Fashion Week

Lydia K Cutler is a multi award winning fashion designer and the Founder and CEO of Aberdeen Fashion Week, Scotland, UK. A mother of 3 grown up boys, 50 year old Lydia lives with her family in a small Scottish Village outside Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen is the capital city of Oil and Gas in Europe, as such families from around the world move to Aberdeen to work in the Oil & Gas industry. As per this, Lydia  who is a fashion designer and had showcased in several fashion weeks around the world decided to start Aberdeen Fashion Week. 

Aberdeen Fashion Week was founded in 2013 and is still running up till today, despite the fact that the pandemic slowed things down. Due to travel restrictions, the fashion week can not get its designers, models and buyers who travel from around the world to attend, Lydia keeps a clear mind and is enthusiastic about the day everything will go back to some normality so that fashion week can go on. 

Due to the pandemic, Lydia started a YouTube channel called Fashion Art Media to interview creatives, this was late 2020, the CEO of One Tribe Network; Mr Kenny Ball saw Lydia's interviews and invited her to present for OTN's TV Network. Currently, Lydia has done over 50 interviews with models, designers, photographers, pageant queens, pageant directors, artists, comedians, actors and actress, Lydia's diary is fully booked with interviews until Summer 2022. 

When Lydia is not working in the exciting fashion industry, Lydia takes time to study Spiritualism, to date, Lydia can proudly say that since 2020, her life has changed ever since she discovered spiritualism.

Lydia is also passionate about children and their wellbeing, and as such, Lydia her parents Hon. Abigail Matini & Dr Joel Matini run a children's home in her home country Kenya. These children once lived on the streets due to being orphaned or due to being abandoned by family members due to poverty. The children now have a happy home.

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