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Photos of Gabriella Gonthier - Telly's Modelling Agency

Hello, my name is Gabriella Gonthier & I live in the Seychelles. Currently I work at the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, prior to that I had studied for a BSc in International Business.

Aside from that I am also a model at a leading agency in Seychelles; that is Telly's Modelling Agency. I was immediately recruited after winning Miss Regatta 2018. Since then I've done runways shows both locally and internationally,  my portfolio is diversified including high fashion photography, commercial & portraits. I also brand myself as an influencer where by I engage into advertising and promoting different products for clients. It is always an honour to work with different clients and photographers who expand my perspectives and portfolios.

I still have a lot to accomplish and in five years I want to see myself not promoting many brands but changing the industry and to encourage others to take opportunities that comes in their way. Modelling is important for me because it is a legacy to which I hold close to my heart. I admire it in all its aspects and also have been shaped through its love, discipline and respect; morals which are deeply reflected in the way I work.