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Photos of Lisa Ju

Lisa Ju's collection embraces and highlights female curves. Enter a world of fantasy featuring 12 couture art of this upcoming collection that will be shown and titled: "Renceum Rejouissances. "Renceum means sparkling in Sundanese, and Rejouissances means festivities in French. She is combining her background who live in Bandung and her immense passion for French couture designs. This time she infuses her 'back to the root' Indonesian culture into her artistry when appealing to an international audience. “I’m blessed to be influenced by a lot of different points of view growing up in Indonesia, which has so many different cultures, so many diverse textiles, crafts, arts, and yet a combination of original indigenous tradition and multiple modern foreign influences - that shaped me as a designer,” Lisa said.

Reinvent Indonesia’s traditional fabric: “Batik Priangan” and inspired by its patterns - the design is enriched with complexities of handmade eye-catching fabric manipulations techniques, applications of beads and crystal detailing, structural line design and also incorporates hand-painted fabric and heritage accessories from Indonesia artists to make it more avant-garde and also to support local artists.

Lisa Ju  at New York Fashion Week 2023

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