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My name is Yesica Tejeda, I am a Bachelor's student in Social Sciences Oriented at the Secondary level, I decided to study this career because, I motivate the students to develop critical, creative and analytical thinking about the different situations that occur in daily life. of my country, hand in hand with the teaching manual. I have participated in various beauty contests occupying different positions with a hard work in the background, at this point, the place that has given me the most prestige in said career is that of viceroy, as well as fifth and second finalist in an international (Miss Culture and beauty international).

On the other hand, one of my experiences has been to seek determination in each objective to be met, for example, such is working to pay for my expenses, taking as a philosophy of life that: There is no such thing as small that it does not add a value of experience, for your purpose in life.

Nationality: Dominican Republic

Residence: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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