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A 17-year-old high school student, founder/leader of a Korean pop dance group: DXBFELICITY Official, and host of my entrepreneurial club for students at school: The Tycoon Society. I have always had a deep interest in the works of fashion and aesthetics on the runway as well as social media. Binge-watching Miss Universe series and the Victoria Secret runway shows have inspired my spark of passion and respect for this industry. 

So far, I have listed in IMDB’s The Celebrity Experience showcase, auditioned for several castings, created a short film; The Girl with A Blog for my personal project, own a blog: HIIMAKU (akshitaaku.com), achieved a Social Media Digital Marketing Certification (Hub Spot Examination), a certified Trinity College Certification for Theatre/Drama (UAE Topper 2019), interviewed at Pearl FM Dubai and have a YouTube channel: hiimaku.

For now, I am an aspiring influencer and hope to become an editorial/runway model for my favourite brands someday. 

Nationality: Nepal

Residence: Dubai, UAE

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