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I am an Early Years Teacher by profession.  I have been teaching in my home country South Africa for years and in the UAE for about 8 years.  I have been teaching Kindergarten and Grade 1 and assisted with afterschool activities. I received many appreciation Certificates from schools and worked in different Emirates.  I loved every moment and made use of every opportunity. I was a youth leader in South Africa and helped, guided and motivated the youth to reach their goals.  I was also involved in the community events by helping people in need. 

While living in the UAE I started doing some fashion modelling. Another one of my passions.  I firmly believe woman should be comfortable in their own skin and embrace their individuality instead of trying to be someone else.  We all are unique and beautiful. When we are comfortable with ourselves, we become confident and that confidence shine through like a glowing light.

I participated at the EXPO2020 fashion show which was an amazing experience, I was a finalist 2020 at the BeingShe beauty Pageant but because of unforeseen circumstances I had to withdraw from the pageant, I won the city title winner of Mrs Empress Universe 2018-2019 and most recently I was a finalist at the Khatoon Fashion pageant which gives women a platform to showcase their talents, skills and individuality and also empowering each other. During all this events I met many wonderful people.  I enjoyed the experience and to me it’s not about only winning, it is about participating, the process and the people you meet and the amazing experience and winning would definitely be the cherry on top.   I have won the title " Mrs Courageous" in the pageant which the title speaks for itself. I am always looking for ways to showcase my skills and looking for new opportunities.  I am a charismatic person who enjoys speaking events and opportunities to encourage and motivate others. I am a positive and goal driven person who believes no matter age, nationality or anything else should not stand in your way of fulfilling your dreams, keep pushing and persisting and never give up. Keeping in mind not all opportunities just happen we have to create them.

Sheila Murray said it well- "One of the most Courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go".

Looking forward to my future and whatever it holds.


Nationality: South Africa

Residence: Dubai, UAE


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