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Nationality: Serbia

Residence: Raska, Serbia


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Selma Mekić Design

Selma Mekić was born on August 23, 1990, in Novi Pazar, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Islam in Belgrade, Serbia, Department of Pedagogy. She worked part-time as a presenter on television.

Jovanka Radovanovic

Knitting  Unique wool products - dresses, sets, ponchos, sweaters, skirts Unique wool and cotton products - dresses, sets, ponchos, sweaters, skirts


I finished high school with best grade and am looking forward to university. I have about a year of expirience in photographing various subjects, as well as landscapes and objects

Morfium Fashion

Graduated on department of Archaeology / Fashion And costume designer for 23 years expirience / Formed her one brand 2004. In Amsterdam