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I have had the amazing opportunities to walk for designers from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Brooklyn, Paris, London, Milan, and Arizona and I am extremely grateful. I owe my achievements to not only my family and team but also to the hard discipline I enforce on myself. Modeling has also allowed me to travel and see the different styles of architecture and fashion from all over the world. I not only focus on runway, but I have a growing appreciation for print work. Luckily I have worked with delightful photographers that have helped me grow in my my technic. 

All throughout my school years I have been in honors classes and set a strong goal for myself academically. As for my future, I aspire to continue in runway and print, but realistically I plan on receiving my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. Growing up I have always had a strong appreciation for the education that my parents made sure to provide me with in the United States, and I wish to give the same education to young children.  

Nationality: Mexico

Residence: Glendale, United States


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