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Top Model ISMA.INT


Top Model ISMA.INT

The Top Model ISMA.INT contest is organized by the company VLTV INDUSTRIE INTERCONTINENTAL COMPANY Europe & Africa Events management specializing in event management, beauty contests, licensing of international contests, product launches and special projects both locally and internationally. A name well known in the glamor industry internationally. Each National Committee, across Europe and Africa, organizes selection castings on its territory, in accordance with the methodological model approved by Top Model ISMA.INT.

The TOP MODEL ISMA.INT competition is open to anyone aged between 14 and 32 years old, except for exceptional exceptions granted by the Organizer. When the candidate has not reached the age of 18, parental consent is required.
The competition begins on selection day and ends when the names of the top winners are announced.


The TOP MODEL ISMA.INT competition has 4 stages:

1. Online registration:
Online registration by e-mail request is mandatory to participate in the competition only the casting director can change the registration process until the official opening of the official competition website.

2. The selection - Vote of the Jury and the public

The candidates are evaluated by the jury. The evaluation is made, according to the choice of the organizer, on the basis of one of the following options: presentation during a casting, presentation during a video conference, presentation by means of a video recorded by the candidate . The jury's vote is completed by a public vote via the competition website and / or social networks. Votes are free and each visitor can vote once for each model for a period determined by the organizer.

3. The Semi-Final:
The semi-final takes place with or without an audience. At the end of this stage, the Jury will choose the models that will join the Grand Final.

4. The Grand Final (Grand Parade of Creators):
The finalist candidates participate in the fashion show of the grand finale with European and African fashion designers in front of the public and the jury. The major winners of the competition will be designated during this parade, later, or at a side event, public or private, planned by the Organizer.

The prizes for the winners of the TOP MODEL ISMA.INT competition will only consist of prizes allowing the winners to start their journey, as a model and / or model, in the world of fashion and / or advertising. The creation of a photo book, participation in a Fashion Week in Europe and / or abroad, meeting with agencies and / or partners in the fashion world, training, agency contract, participation in the big international beauty contests, makeovers are examples of what can be offered to the winners. Prizes won by laureates cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits in kind. The prizes are personal and cannot in any case be transferred or sold to third parties.

Criteria :

Mannequin : F ( 1m75) H ( 1m82)

Date: 17-Nov-2021 To 20-Nov-2021

Venue: Douala, Cameroon

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