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Odessa Fashion Week - Season 17


Odessa Fashion Week - Season 17

The world is changing and the conventional standards of appearance in the fashion industry are losing their relevance. Tolerance in relation to the diversity of a person is important not only in the everyday life of an ordinary person, but also acquires an uptrend in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, catwalks have achieved headway in body diversity – the number of models of all races, body shapes, ages and gender identity has reached an all-time high, – and season by season, more designers incorporate diversity into their brand DNA.

The 17th season of Odessa Fashion Week is to support the Diversity Fashion trend, and convey that beauty is not a single standard, it unites all our qualities. And in the new season, each of you will be able to take part in shows on the professional catwalk of Odessa Fashion Week. We strive to convey a message of complete human beauty, diversity and unity. After all, everyone deserves to be who he is - a unique personality, peculiar, and we are glad that we can contribute and offer such a platform that will help to reveal even more your potential and beauty to a large audience in the fashion industry.

Date: 20-Nov-2021 To 21-Nov-2021

Venue: Luxury Hotel Bristol, Odessa, Ukraine

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