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Professional Fashion Designers

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Rayha Swish

Rayha Swish

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

A creative fashion designer with experience in developing designs for various product lines which include: Ready-to-wear fashion, bespoke and street fashion.  Core skills include: Fashion styling, design thinking, creative/art direction, crafting, product review, set styling, content creation,

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Splyndour Intencity

Splyndour Intencity

Location: Accra, Ghana

Splyndour Intencity®ï¸by Lynda Dede Ahulu is an Award winning women fashion brand based in Ghana W/A that focuses on elevating the modern woman's sense of style, promoting the freedom of self expression and appreciating the value of beauty and self-worth. These she b

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Crochet By Ndoeh

Crochet By Ndoeh

Location: Empangeni, South Africa

I hold a Public Relations Management Diploma from the University of Zululand, i am a self taught Crocheter. Started crocheting 2019 and I've done 2 shows so far, SOWETO FASHION WEEK and SEYCHELLES FASHION WEEK.

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Abaya and Gown

Abaya and Gown

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Abaya and Gown (A&G), a popular fashion house since 2015, offers unique designer abayas, burqas, gowns, hijabs, and other modest outfits. A&G's own production and manufacturing factory ensures that customers always have access to a wide range of unique collections.

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Ruchika Mehta

Ruchika Mehta

Location: Delhi, India

A professional fashion designer, Ruchika Mehta, is DAHLIA's creative force. This unique fashion line seamlessly blends Indian weaves and handlooms into contemporary silhouettes. With a deep commitment to eco-conscious style, Ruchika stands as the visionary leader of this brand. She is dedicated to c

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Lea Detchema

Lea Detchema

Location: Montreux, Switzerland

My name is Lea Detchema Cannistrà from Switzerland. I'm a former journalist who used to work in different multinational companies.  I have created the brand "Lea Detchema" which is a premium slow fashion label for businesswomen (workwear and afterwork dressing). The garmen

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Ketty Turano Chapeau

Ketty Turano Chapeau

Location: Reggio di Calabria, Italy

Hats are my imaginary world... full of flowers, tulle, plumes, jewels... I started in 2016 with an Expo and then followed Shooting, Events.... Always Grateful