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MELI BODOMBOSSOU is a young french Togolese lawyer and designer, founder of the accessories brand named “MEM CLAH” established since few years now in TOGO and SENEGAL. 

With her golden hand, she seduces the world with her unique and original outfit and jewelry design during different international fashion shows such as the “African fashion reception” in the African Union Headquarter in Ethiopia, the “International Festival of fashion in Africa” (FIMA) in Morroco, the “international Festival of fashion in Togo, the “Ambre Dakar” Show in Senegal, the “Vlisco fashion funds” in Benin, the” Glamour and shine” in Togo, the E. fashion Award in Paris  and recently the OSCAR of African creativity in Egypt where she won an Oscar in the Art work category.

She usually designs all sorts accessories such as bags, shoes, belt, hand bags, hipslace, bracelet, earings, rings, thigh jewelry, hat, scarf for men and women, and use different materias like the antic and new beads, the suede, the ebony, cow bone, tubular fishnet, cotton, leather, brass, natural stone…

She had sublimated Celebrities such as the internationals soccer players such as Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor from Togo, El hadj Diouf from Senegal, the international Cameroun singer LOCKO, the Ghana singer OGO GMA, The Togo singer AMRON, the Universal Peace Ambassador and Ministry of trade from Panama Dr Melida Barrow, the TV show Presentator Maryse Lawson from Togo, and the models of others big designer such as PATHE O from Burkina Faso, PEPITA D from Benin, ADE BAKARE from Nigeria, JULIETTE OMBANG from Cameroun, Emma style from Senegal, Isabelle Anoh from Côte d’Ivoire, Zacometi from France, Liputa swagga from Congo,  And HALLES OF PETER from Ghana, during fashions shows.

She also dress people for fashion events and the Artists singers for their video clip.
She wishes to expand her brand worldwide in a relative short time.

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