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[Fashion Designer]

Location: Delhi, India

Ashfaque Ahmad Design Studio is a popular fashion & apparel store located in the trendy locality of Shahpur Jat, Delhi
Whether you are looking for a new outfit for an upcoming event or just want to browse the latest fashion, Ashfaque Ahmad Design Studio is the place to go. It is the go-to place for keeping yourself in sync with the latest trends. The store interiors are tasteful and offer a welcoming experience to the shopper. With an experienced staff who understands fashion and styling and a dedication to customer service, Ashfaque Ahmad Design Studio has established a name for itself in the apparel industry and has gained an ever increasing flow of loyal customers.


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Kenu Boutique

Write I was born to be a fashion designer and all paths led me to realize my life purpose!  Now I live from my art and I know that I will continue this path of creativity and passion. 

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