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Location: Ottawa, Canada

presented scintillating garments crafted for women who see beyond borders. Ethan Wingate, designer for Stef Mouchie, marries innovation with versatility, blending practicality with high-fashion elements to create a bold and understated mood. The collection is chic, adaptable, and sustainable, bringing a touch of NYC ease and elegance to the runway, with a nod to innovation in every piece. From structured blazers to flowing trench dresses, unique details like metal loops and asymmetric cuts, alongside a palette that spans vibrant and muted tones, the collection showcases a variety of silhouettes, highlighting a theme of adaptability and sophistication. 

The brand is deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility, ensuring all Stef Mouchie pieces are ethically produced in Toronto, Canada. Transparency in the manufacturing process is paramount, promoting safe work conditions and fair wages. Dedication to sustainable choices reflects respect towards Stef Mouchie's customers and the planet, aiming to make a statement on contemporary fashion's versatility and dynamic nature.


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