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runway show was a stunning exploration of a culture through the concept of war, the primary reasons for migration and cultural exchange in current times, and the very act of it can be perceived as a ‘physical cultural exchange’. The collection features many war themes and motifs, crossing them with garments from around the world. With a keen eye for aesthetic harmony, [unusual] effortlessly fuses influences from different cultures, resulting in garments that bridge traditional values and contemporary fashion sensibilities. The brand recognizes the rich heritage and craftsmanship embedded in cultures worldwide and seeks to honour and showcase them in a modern context. The soundtrack of the show was an attempt to depict acculturation. This showcase stayed true to the brand's intention of embracing the diversity and richness of global cultures, elevating them to the forefront of the design narrative.

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Write I was born to be a fashion designer and all paths led me to realize my life purpose!  Now I live from my art and I know that I will continue this path of creativity and passion. 

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