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Location: Okinawa, Japan

“HIME: The Princess”, a sublime collection that gently uncouples the fuss associated with donning the grand formal Kimono and replaces it with ease and a little playfulness. The garments feature luxurious fractal pattern printed silk fabrics and Hiroko Tokumine's signature western clothing-inspired style of sleeves, which has found popularity as "Japonica Sleeves". The intricate traditional Japanese craftwork "Tsumami-zaiku" can be traced back to 1780s Kyoto, which involves “pinching” and “folding” small cloth,  with tweezers and no use of needles or thread to create seasonal flowers, petals, and birds, has been painstakingly employed in the showcased garments. With deep reverence for the time-honoured venerable kimono weaves, Hiroko Tokumine upcycles the discarded yardage to create fresh designs. 


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