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[Fashion Designer]

Location: Konan, Japan

 "The Butterfly Effect", a collection that dials down the loud cacophony of this world, of the wars and the strife, dials down the mindless chatter, down to a quiet state where the beating of a gentle heart manifests as a sort of human sonar wave to lead the viewer into finding a path into their own, perhaps forgotten, gentle heart space ever so full of love and compassion. “The Butterfly Effect” concept rests in the notion that the world is deeply interconnected, such that a tiny occurrence can influence a much larger complex system and is the core of this collection where the designer hopes that solitary earnest prayers, love and respect would eventually amplify human consciousness towards a modicum of peace. From dresses made of fabric imprinted with pictures of everyday unacknowledged heroes to each stitch woven with wishes and prayers for world peace, reminiscent of a time when a woman prayed while sewing, the showcase is imbued with kindheartedness. Drawing from the experience as a walking instructor, the designer has focussed on the elegance of movement while highlighting the beauty in motion, bringing the dress's hem to life, dancing like petals and butterflies with every step. Elegance and opulence are expressed by blending classical elements like compassion with blue in the design background and love through vibrant red and pink, creating a whimsical flower garden embellished with intricately woven frills and flowers that will bloom on the runway with a silent prayer "May the whole world be full of love."


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