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Location: Lima, Peru

presents its Haute Couture collection “YURAQ: White” inspired by Arequipa, Perú, the charming White City framed by three volcanoes replete with baroque buildings constructed with white volcanic stone. The showcase, YURAQ, meaning “white” in Quechua, a symbol of good luck, carries the heart of the city, redefining the values of its ancestors, customs, and beliefs. Empowered with the acknowledgement that the lived-in universe and experienced worldview over time are fundamental to any creative process, the treasure trove of  Arequipa with Its symbols and representations, such as the divinity of the Earth and respect for it, temporality concerning its guides, the sun and the moon, resources and the rich history of Perú has been fundamental for the brand identity. It facilitates the creation of an elegant, intriguing and sensual presentation. The collection presents a working balance between natural fibres and the artisanal work of the land of nurture. The variety of pieces woven by artisans, from loom fabrics or made by crochet, premium textiles, such as lace, alpaca, and vicuña, have been manually intervened with fine and delicate ornaments for each proposal, such as embroidery, appliqués, and feathers, among others for the elevation of a magnificent stunning garment. Each creation is highlighted with meticulous tailoring to ensure accuracy of fit. The focus now is on internationalising the brand and opening points of sale in other parts of the world while continuing to create beautiful garments showing Peruvian talent to the world.


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