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[Fashion Designer]

Location: Delhi, India

A professional fashion designer, Ruchika Mehta, is DAHLIA's creative force. This unique fashion line seamlessly blends Indian weaves and handlooms into contemporary silhouettes. With a deep commitment to eco-conscious style, Ruchika stands as the visionary leader of this brand. She is dedicated to creating fashion that endures, promoting timeless style, and embracing an eco-fashion, zero-waste philosophy.

Ruchika's vision beautifully intertwines traditional craftsmanship with a modern outlook, aiming to transform our everyday approach to fashion. Each piece of clothing from DAHLIA is a testament to her unwavering commitment to transparency and a holistic perspective. Proudly manufactured in India, every garment is meticulously crafted from sustainable, handwoven, naturally dyed fabrics, reflecting Ruchika's steadfast commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion.


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