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[Fashion Designer]

Location: Miami, United States

 In 2010, Miami raised founder, Andrea Gaviria, began to build OMG Swimwear after the difficulty of finding the perfect bikini. She wanted something different, something she would feel confident in and something you wouldn’t just find at your local department store. She began to create her first bikini, went on vacation, came back and posted all her photo (at that time on Facebook) after gaining momentum on social media, and a lot of inquiries OMG Swimwear was born. 

Andrea believes a woman should feel Sexy, Confident, Powerful and elegant all the same time  while wearing OMG SWIMWEAR. Her mission is to have OMG a household name. She wants for all women who need swimwear, to instantly think of OMG as their first option.  
After launching her website and gaining much success, Andrea was able to open up her first Bricks & Mortar store in the Heart Of Miami Beach in 2016. Andrea’s designs have been worn by Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Tyra Banks, Serena Williams and Sofia Vergara.
From our Designer 
I truly believe the best feeling in the world is when swimwear fits you perfectly. You Feel Unstoppable. I’m picked the best Fashion market to be in (Swimwear). I feel like I have that power to make a women feel Their Best about herself, When she’s the most vulnerable. I Make sure I design the best designs for all body types, to make the women & men feel their most comfortable & Confident. I put my heart and soul into every piece I create. Every piece has a story and mood behind it, and this is why they are so special to me. It’s not just swimwear - it’s a lifestyle. I am continuing the journey to take over the world one bikini at a time. 


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