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[Fashion Designer]

Location: London, United Kingdom

 At its essence, our brand originated from a desire to raise awareness about complex societal and environmental issues. Combining our passion for art and self-expression, we began creating utopian worlds through intermittent and simultaneous painting sessions. Over time, we realized that our art could be a medium for activism, as each painting draws attention to specific subject matters such as the Anthropocene, Social Inequalities, and the importance of education. Through the creation of our Capsules, we combined art and purpose to articulate our vision for change. We named this venture: META VOCUS.

META: (Lat. Prefix) Considering a subject as an object of reflection, Meta - describes the subject in a way that transcends its original limits.
VOCUS: (Lat. Suffix) [Using artworks as] a voice to attribute meaning.
Three years later, we founded our London-based, activism-focused fashion brand, offering garment designs that are derived from our artworks. We hope that our wearable art collections will be worn consciously, in support of the causes they stand for. 
Meta Vocus blended bold colors and patterns to create feminine boho designs that are both alluring and refreshing. The show featured varying body types, promoting inclusivity. Men's collection embodied individuality, while unisex designs were inclusive. Footwear included combat-style boots and chunky yet feminine heels.


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