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[Fashion Designer]

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Like nobody else, Macario Jiménez knows how to float the beauty of the female body. He captures the air with the texture of his hands and the magic of the fabrics. His designs come from the subtle dynamics of the wind. That is why they are unrepeatable, they are intimate, they are unique, like the fallen leaves that learned to dance alone in autumn or the magnificence of the peacock on a unique summer afternoon.

The professional talent of Macario Jiménez turns twenty-five. He learned the trade in Milan, at the renowned Marangoni Institute. Later he was a student of Gianni Lo Gidice. Back in Mexico, his country, he found his own voice and put his imagination to work with his brand. Since then, rest has not been allowed. From day one, ideas, colors, arguments, textures and ingenuity have conspired to formulate the designs of a world-class collection. Within Macario Jiménez's workshop, knowledge is breathed and multiplied, generously distributed among pattern makers and seamstresses, apprentices and consecrated, who coincide in their best effort with the adventure of the same identity. Over the last five decades, Fashion Week of the Americas, Fashion without Boundaries, World Fashion in Chicago or Fashion Week in Belgrade, among the best catwalks in the world, have attested to the contribution that Macario Jiménez has made to contemporary fashion in the female dress.

The main hallmark of this designer is exclusivity. Like a fingerprint, each garment responds to the person who wears it. The reinvention of the senses has been a daily discipline and the balance of simplicity is the secret of its aesthetics.


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