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Suits to suit your style

The popularity of suits is and has been growing over the years with different designers coming out with different designs to fit different occasions.This days both men and women style up in suits.

Suits come in different designs,some notch lapel,peak lapel,slim suit,fit suit, single breasted/ double breasted suit and many more.Others come in two piece and one piece.
The prices of suits might differ with the fabric used to make the material , either silk, Cotton or other materials.People prefer to choose colourful suits for happy occasions and dull colours for office or other non charming occasions.

Some people prefer to wear broken suits,so as to have a more juicy outfit preferably with their sense of fashion.Their are suits that go well with tuxedos, others with ties , others with bowties and some people prefer to just style them with shirts/vest tops and t-shirts.

The shoes won with with the suits are determined with the nature of the suit won on top.Some suits may go well with sneakers and others with proper official shoes preferred by the individual.ladies may also style up in high heels and sneakers too.
Men may prefer sometimes to add hats (any type) on top to look more juicy, some also use stylish walking sticks especially fashion enthusiasts .

The weather is also a huge determinant on the type of suits won in a particular place.In hot places light suits and less dress up inside the suits is preferred but in cold places the suits are accompanied  with warmer dressing.

To date, suits are regarded as formal and decent dressing especially in Africa and some parts of the world.Turkey remains to be on the lead with the best designer suits.
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