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Famous Serbian Pop Singer Jelena Tomasevic walked the ramp at Serbia Fashion Week

Famous Serbian Pop singer Jelena Tomasevic was recently a guest at the fashion show of fashion designer Aleksandra Lazic at the 19th edition of "Serbia Fashion Week", where she walked the catwalk singing one of the creations of the "Lacher" brand, singing her hits.

She wore a refined elegant black suit without much detail, and the audience applauded her talent, but also her skills on the catwalk. This is Jelena's third guest appearance at the Serbian Fashion Week. As she said, she often performs at Belgrade fashion events, and whenever she appears at them, she is always a little nervous.
I always think about whether I will answer the task because it is not just singing but walking (laughs). Everything must be in rhythm and, of course, I must be careful not to draw too much attention to myself and my movements, because models are in the foreground - Singer Jelena Tomasevic told "Dnevnik" and added that she is grateful to Aleksandra Lazic and her brand "Lacher", because they gave her a suit for a fashion show in which she felt very nice. I love suits, but I didn't have something like this in my collection. They wanted to jump out of my usual style. I am always reduced, but also elegant of course. There is always an emphasis on femininity in my styling, and Alexandra managed to emphasize that with this modern cut.
The famous singer told us that she sometimes likes to experiment with her styling, but that she does it mostly only for the needs of fashion editorials and photography for certain campaigns and magazines.
"I don't like to experiment with anything in particular. I stick to what suits me well, but I love events like this. This is, in a way, a way out of what I'm used to. I usually wear wide pants with a high waist. For me, this is a way out of the comfort zone" Jelena Tomasevic emphasized.
As she said, Jelena is looking forward to new performances and big concerts, which fill her after the break and which restore her hope that everything will return to normal after the pandemic. In addition, she added that she is happy that music festivals are returning to the stage.

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