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Ukrainian brand By Vel at the Milan Fashion Week

On February 28th 2022, the Ukrainian brand "By Vel" will present its new collection. “By Vel” will certainly retain its unique style, surprising you with new silhouettes, non-standard solutions, an original color palette and handmade volumes. The team of designers behind the brand has given shape to a "star" collection for those who love to be the center of attention.

The main idea of the brand remains the woman who loves to attract the gaze of others, always young, free and self-confident, a restless and unruly girl with a strong character, who knows no limits nor boundaries and in which every woman can recognize herself, as the woman she is or as the one she would like to be. The men's garments of the brand represent a line of suits that stand out for their essentiality,
moderation, multi-layered pieces and free form. The unique "By Vel" style is a set of complex details, unconventional decorations, lace and hand-made elements.
The silhouettes of the new collection are simply unusual. Particular emphasis is placed upon the voluminous sleeves with ruffles on the shoulders.
This collection is an explosion of lace, artificial feathers, mesh fabrics, characterized by an extreme use of voluminous shoulders, fringes, and faux fur, without which the collection would not be so
vibrant and unique. At the heart of each product in the collection, the brand uses natural fabrics: cotton and viscose. The brand combines textured organza, soft nets and lace with tulle with flock – which has already become an undisguised favorite of the collection.
The basic range of the collection includes warm undertones of beige, peach and milky shades but this season will also be colored in bright yellow, delicate blue and beautiful soft tones in contrast with bold blacks.

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