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Something Boudoir: Presented by Thai Fashion Designer Disaya Sorakraikitikul

 Something Boudoir by Disaya offers playful, dainty and flamboyant fashion for the young, sweet and ambitious woman. It is made for the fashionista who likes to stand out, strike a pose and feels connected to her inner child.

The team behind Something Boudoir is that of Disaya known for creating amazing and unique designs. Thus, this brand was founded by Disaya Sorakraikitikul who studied fashion and textile design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. At first, she launched a lingerie line called Boudoir and eventually also turned to fashion design.
In fact, Something Boudior is inspired by the attitude of 'kids-in-a-candy-store' and thus creates young fashion and wearable candy clothing that should excite and animate the wearer. The urban fashionista should be thrilled by the pastel coloured, patterned dresses, skirts and tops. Something Boudior does not only offer cute clothes but also amazing accessories like bags, arm & eye candy. This Thai fashion brand is supposed to make the wearer happy and carefree.
However, Something Boudoir is not merely about cute fashion because at the same time the items are very feminine and chic. Thus, this labels combines the aesthetics of a candy emporium with a designer's supermarket, thus offering an unique shopping experience that appeals to joy and fantasy.
In this way, Something Boudoir is also about versatility and surprise inviting the shoppers to discover its world of candy fashion. For instance, the latest collection is The Surfarista 2015 which combines the beach and surf theme with dainty and sweet fashion design. This is for the young lady who wants to be a fashionista at the beach.
Thai celebrities also love Something Boudior. For example, the Cruise'15 Collection was designed in cooperation with the glamorous yet dainty Make up artist Pearypie. This collection is called 'Something Wicked'.
Finally, we may say that Something Boudior is truly something special because it mixes street and designer fashion. At the same time the designs are stunningly playful, young and cute.

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