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Breaking the Stereotypes Meet Charul Chaturvedi Jaitly the New Mrs UAE International 2021

A girl who is 'Breaking the Stereotypes' and 'Changing the Narrative'

Charul recently won the title of Mrs UAE International, at an event held on the 11th of December 2021 in Dubai, UAE.
She is thrilled about this win and is enjoying every moment of her success. 
That success, which if you look back a bit, came after paying a very big price.
Like each one of us, she has had her share of challenges in life. But she believes in grabbing the bull by its horns, and that's exactly what she did with this event.
Roll back a few months to August, when the pageant team first contacted her for registration. At the time, when her medical situation was getting worse, and she was advised to have a surgery.
She flew back home, ending up in an 8 hours long operation at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai followed by a long road to recovery.
She still recalls, smiling and telling her hubby about the email from the pageant team following up on her application, while she was lying there in the hospital bed still recovering from the surgery.
There were moments, if not days, she recalls, when she felt like a victim, felt she couldn't bear the pain anymore, and started to question 'why me'? And it was in those moments itself that she found her answers. She believes that nothing in life happens without a bigger purpose, sometimes a bit difficult to understand and often takes us a long time to comprehend. But in this instance, she realized it in the moment.
From entering the OT (operation theater) with a big smile, to accepting all the changes that came along post operation, she decided to accept it all with open arms.
Sometimes they say, "you have to put up with the rain, if you want to see the rainbow"
And that rainbow did appear for Charul. 
It was now almost the end of November when she had to undergo follow up tests that would decide the future course of action. The reports were excellent and she was allowed to cycle, swim and do yoga (things that she really enjoys and was refrained from them for 4 months).
As luck would have it, just then she received one last call from the pageant team as the dates were closing.
She had no expectations and was aware that other participants had been in the program for several months practicing and rehearsing for the grand finale. 
Against all odds, with the new found hope and support from her family, Charul decided to enter the pageant to bounce back in life. And rightfully so, not only did she bounce back and participate, she WON the crown.
She is proud and thankful for emerging on top, as we wind up the year 2021.
And she made herself a promise to share this story with everyone/ anyone who needed to hear this. She believes we all could use a little bit of motivation. And when it comes from a simple small town girl like her, the story hits home for many. 
She urges all the readers to remember that with any challenge in life you never lose, you either 'win' or you 'learn'. So just keep going!
She is rewriting her story, one page at a time:
Charul is juggling a few balls at the same time, with running her own business (Mātiti Group www.matitigroup.com), speaking at public events as keynote speaker, planting thousands of trees around the world (their Blockchain enabled Tree planting Project), to now making a debut in the fashion and beauty world.
She is confident that winning the title of Mrs UAE International, will enable her to add value to her work and also contribute back significantly to the beauty industry.
Beauty isn't skin deep, and she is now on a mission to create awareness around inner beauty, inner healing, inner alignment. Enabling each one to shine from within.
She is extremely thankful to Mrs Meena Asrani, founder of Being Muskaan, and the extended team for all their support and ensuring she was a part of this amazing event.
Very grateful for her very supportive family and her dear husband Vikrant, for their love and endless faith in her.
She says, the story isn't over yet, her life now has a new narrative!

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