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Traditional outfit of the AKAN woman of Ivory Coast

Traditional outfit tells the story of the AKAN woman of Ivory Coast. It represents the beauty, femininity, and braveness embodied by the women of this ethnic group.


This costume, which was totally handmade and carefully crafted with AKAN woven loincloth, celebrates the woman as a child-bearer and a life-giver.
The cowrie shells that make up the center piece come from the ocean and symbolize creation, life, and protection. They are interlaced and run all along the body to portray the beautiful waves and waterfalls of Cote d'Ivoire.
The headdress represents a calabash full of water that the AKAN woman carries on her head as she returns from the river. It is a source of life, and it symbolizes hard work.
The orange background color of the costume evokes the flag of Cote d'Ivoire as a symbol of patriotism. The orange stripe of the Ivorian orange-white-green flag expresses the splendor of national blossoming.

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