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Celine Minet, famous name of modeling industry in Togo

From the Fimo 228 International Fashion Festival in Togo to the Afrikans Models Show in Copenhagen, to Dakar Fashion Week, via Lagos Fashion Week, Benin and the Afrik Fashion Show in Abidjan, Céline Minet is no longer a face presented. Associated with Jaques LOGOH, promoter of Fimo 228 and boss of Challenge Models Agency, Céline is one of the most important and most publicized female fashion faces of Togo.

She won several prizes at renowned events such as the African Modeling Awards in Ivory Coast in 2016. She was crowned best model of the year at the Togo Fashion Awards in 2019. In 2020, she won the prize for best African model at Fesmo Benin.
We can say that the young model married and 24 years old is exported well internationally, a great pride for Togo.
Ebony complexion, an hourglass figure and endless legs, it's been exactly 8 years since Céline Minet made her big debut in fashion. She started in Togo and learned all the basics of the trade from Jaques LOGOH: "One day I was watching TV and I followed a report on Fimo. When I saw the fashion show with the Challenge Model Agency, I clicked and I told myself that this is what I wanted to do… I had already started studying aesthetics but I realized that this was really my destiny… to walk on a podium, it was a dream".
In 8 years of work, sacrifice and self-giving, Celine quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the leading minds in the direction of Fimo and the agency with Jaques LOGOH, her mentor: " I say I was always born into fashion with Fimo. I was there in the early days. It's been 8 years since I started working in fashion and at the agency. The Fimo has just made its 8th edition. ".
Coming from a family of 4 children, Céline is the only daughter of the siblings and had a happy but rather difficult childhood:
“ My parents separated and I was brought up by my mother in very difficult conditions. My mom had to play both parenting roles and it wasn't easy. By the age of 14, I think I had become a premature adult because I had to take my independence early to support myself. A difficult period when you had to fight with all your strength, especially when I thought about the difficult conditions in which my brothers, my mother and I lived… Today I am so proud of the journey. I think I have achieved a number of my goals. And my mother has become a seasoned business woman and is in the timber trade".
For me, a good model is to be a person who is out of the ordinary, a person who has something special.
I am a hardworking, hardworking woman who has lots of love to share. I am an honest, sensitive and real woman.
For me, International Women's Day should be a reminder of the rights that we should all enjoy as human beings. This day must be a day of reflections on how to improve the condition of women in society, especially when we know that here in Africa, there is still a lot to do. We all deserve to be accomplished women.
Today I am proud of Africa because 5 or 10 years ago, there weren't many black women models but today we see more and more on the big ones T internationally.
These women who inspire him!
Lupita n'ongo, Adama Paris, Angélique Kidjo.
I am working on my beauty salon at the moment and I have plans for a line of lingerie for curvy women, just to uninhibit them to show all their beauties.
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