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Ghomafilms the press portal to give wings to the talent

Ghomafilms is the communication and press portal that every artist needs to start their career and make their talent known. Founded by the writer and publicist Javier Ghoma in 2012, the website welcomes a total of 10 categories, 60 artists and more than 500 written articles. Six of his young entrepreneurs join us today, in this writing. Anahi Montero is a young actress and model, who was chosen as the winner in the fashion contest for MestroKidOfficial, organized by the designer and double Guinness World Records winner, Olga IF. It was chosen as Miss Cannes Fashion Days, held at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

She has recently participated in the advertising spot for Vinted, broadcast through Mediaset España. About Mireia Sansaloni, we can do no more than praise the productive career of a promising young artist. What started as a simple step in the parade sector, has gradually become the spitting image of overcoming. His social network increases in presence, and his followers number in the thousands. Also noteworthy is Mireia's passion for sports and her skills for tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, and modern dance. Their energy knows no limits, and if there is one thing they can be proud of in each casting, it is their collaborative spirit in participating. A potential dreamer, capable of signing up for any project.


The world of Mairelis Paredez opens its doors to reveal her greatest virtue: perseverance. From the moment she decided to be an artist, he has never ceased to amaze. With no prior modeling experience, she has demonstrated an unmatched ability to impress audiences. A talent like hers is more than admirable, because getting a globally recognized company like Samsung to hire her turns her image into an outstanding profile.

Ethan Vivancos has taken off with great power, in the interpretation sector. It seems incredible how at such an early start, he achieves two leading roles in such a short period of time. As is also to value his double participation in music videos. Nothing less than with artists of great caliber like Alejandro Sanz. He has been able to function with the same tenacity, in the advertising environment. Well, with the slightest indication, Ethan understands the purpose of his role in detail. Proving to be an actor of the method, chameleon and easy adaptability.

Nerea Ruiz is an actress, with the capacity of an adult to cope with any artistic environment. Being a simple dancer, she caused such a fury in her dedication to impress that she was able to get the privilege of working with great professionals in the television sector. We are talking about the feature film “Father there is no more than one”, a production with a very high level of demand in terms of selection processes. Whose data has not been a rival for the initiative of Nerea, who with little demonstration, has captivated both the public and the casting directors.

At such a young age, Daniel Llinares surprises us with a complete creative profile. Well, in addition to making herself known as a model, she also participated in musicals, short films, fashion shows and even television commercials. Anyone could see their achievement as something simple to achieve, but they would be unaware of the effort behind each fulfilled dream. The castings are characterized by a high level of demand, hundreds of candidates and a reduced number of selection. The reason Daniel got his chance is not just because of his insistence. Also to the energy with which he captivates the viewer, his good behavior and his quick learning in front of the cameras.

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