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Ghanaian fashion brand Avonsige shows off Ghana through rich fabrics and fashion with - Motherland

Ghanaian owned fashion brand Avonsige is redefining originality and creativity by using local textiles to make exquisite white-inspired wedding gowns that do not only stand out from the pack but promote Ghanaian fabrics.

In a fashion film titled “The Motherland Project,” the first of its kind in Ghana. The three years deep-rooted fashion brands owned by an avid entrepreneur called Augustina Ayinemi Avonsige and her creative team embarked on a 4-day journey from the capital - Accra to Bolgatanga.
They made stops at relevant tourist sites to capture the beauty of nature in still pictures and motion visuals of models adorned in her collection.
To promote our culture and fabrics, Avonsige creates attention-grabbing concepts and designs for fashion enthusiasts across the globe with the two main national fabrics locally woven and made here in Ghana – the smock and kente fabric.
These high-end custom-made gowns are infused with the above-mentioned fabrics to give it originality and a sense of uniqueness.
Source: https://www.myjoyonline.com/avonsige-shows-off-ghana-through-rich-fabrics-and-fashion-with-motherland-project/?param=

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