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Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet with OLGA IF

Glorious international celebrities participated in the unforgettable experience at the prestigious event, with a spectacular presentation on the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Surely and without hesitation, I would affirm that the famous and consecrated professionals have lived one of the most exciting moments of their successful careers: Olga IF as one of the 50 best designers in Spain, and the iconic actress Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara, as one of the most hired foreign actresses in Italy. Also highlighting her participation in the renowned CSI Miami series.

The talented Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara, with her professionalism and absolute dedication, has conquered the most famous film directors in the history of Italy, such as: Carlo Verdones, Francesco Amato, Alessandro Angelino, Gabriel Muccini, Maria Sofía Tognazzi and Michele Morrone, among others.

La talentosa Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara, con su profesionalismo y entrega absoluta ha conquistado a los directores de cine más famosos de la historia de Italia, como: Carlo Verdones, Francesco Amato, Alessandro Angelino, Gabriel Muccini, Maria Sofía Tognazzi y Michele Morrone, entre otros. Yulias Agent  Flavia  Benedetta. 

Yulia, the renowned Russian actress of international prestige, is currently considered an outstanding foreign artist, and as I mentioned earlier: “one of the most hired foreign  actresses in Italy”, she has attended the 2021 Cannes Film Festival wearing an elegant dress and the jewels, designed by the 13-year-old girl Ana Valerie from Peru.

Olga IF was presented with two her  brands , Imaginative Fashion participant  in the television program “American Beauty Star” ,  and  the Kidraws clothing collection, which was created by the children participating in the international Maestro Kid contest, which has recently triumphed at Cannes Fashion Days, a catwalk that is held annually to coincide with the Film Festival from Cannes.

It is an online contest, in which all children with great potential and creativity, whose dream is to be a talented designer, as well as all those celebrities who will be in charge of motivating the little ones to participate, are invited to participate. Give your best and enhance your great skills when designing.

Ana Valerie, is a little Maestro Kid designer, who was the winner of the challenge to create the perfect look for Cannes Fashion Days, which was personally selected by Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara.

The jewels were made by Lisi Fracchia, the distinguished fine jewelry designer, who with her professionalism and experience has conquered national and international personalities and celebrities, as well as European Royals. 

The dress was made by award-winning designer Olga IF. The Spanish fashion entrepreneur is the only one in the world holder of the double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TM and the winner of the double European Fashion Award, after a fabulous fashion show at Fashion Week held in Milan - Italy.

In addition, she won the first prize for the collection entitled Kidraws, which uses drawings of children chosen in the international project “Children's Drawing for Fashion Maestro Kid” with an invitation to show at CANNESS FILM FESTIVAL and CANNESS FASHION DAYS 2021.

This is how the famous Spanish designer is recognized for her leadership in "Inclusive Fashion" and will intervene in the coming weeks at the Global Vision Forum (GVF), in an online marathon in which personalities such as the Secretary General will also participate. of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres or Pope Francis.

She will give a presentation entitled: “Ambitious actions for a green recovery: sustainable fashion created by children from 6 to 18 years old”. The Maestro Kid project will be present within the Global Forum Caring for the Climate chapter, which will also include, among others: Michael Rubens Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg; Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles; Greta Thunberg, Swedish climate activist and Medina, Mayor of Lisbon.

The 5 girl ambassadors of this International Forum: Schirin Thoma, Elisabeth Català, Rebeka Emilova, Nina Nawrocka and Marine Renevey was shown sustainable fashion created by these little Maestro Kid designers  to the world at CANNES FASHION DAYS. 

As well as Anahi Montero  the designer of 10 years old  of Maestro Kid and image of Maestro Kid Jenaya Lee have been shown the clothes created by kids on the Cannes Fashion Days.  Some clothes have been sewing  by  company Caluga.

Olga wears accessories created by 5 years old designer Nicole Alves and fabricated by Jumed Fiore. 

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