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The Success journey of Ghanaian's Store - Spangles

 Angela Nelson, the Founder and Director of Spangles. She discovered her passion for creating jewellery in 2010, after several years of searching for an avenue to channel her creative energy.  She was at that time, working in a multinational company. She engaged in beading as a hobby whenever she had the opportunity, and those moments gave her so much joy.  Later she decided then to turn her hobby into a full-time business, so in 2018, after 10 years of service, she left the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Personally, Spangles has been an anchor of hope, a source of joy and her badge of success for pursuing my passion.  Angela Nelson want every individual who wears her elegant pieces to feel great and share in the joy that Spangles has brought her.
Each wearer is actively contributing to build a business that will be a beacon of hope for others. Spangles provides help for young people to pursue their passions in the creative field through training and internship programs.
At SPANGLES we believe that people tend to give more to others and their communities when they look good and feel great about themselves, thus our slogan “Look Good, Feel Great : Angela Nelson”

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