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One to One with LeGrand Leseur, the designer from west

We had the privilege to have an interview with the super talented designer, LeGrand Leseur, who is extremely famous for creating the most unique suits and looks which other designers cannot think of. Leseur has gained success after a lot of hard work. We have some insights of the interview we would like to share with you.

D Fashion: What is Fashion according to you?
LeGrand: I believe fashion is the highest form of modern art. Paintings belong in museums and homes but fashion you see everywhere. Its the most consistent art form in your daily life.
D Fashion:  Tell us your journey of becoming a Fashion Guru.
LeGrand: Thanks for that, I don't consider myself a Guru yet but that term has been thrown at me a few times now so I'll take it chuckles. I started making streetwear clothing in college. I realized I like the way suits looked on me and that’s what I wore anyway. So, I started making them.
D Fashion:  What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
LeGrand: I always wanted things other people didn't have. Fashion was the gateway for me to do that. It pushed me to do my best and bring out each design with excellence. It helped me build up creativity and originality. Fashion truly sharpens your mind and dares you to explore. 
D Fashion:  What makes you unique from other designers?
LeGrand: The pieces for my luxury line are all custom, bespoke if you will, and I don't make duplicates. The design I make for you is truly yours and yours only.  Every piece is unique. As for my sunglasses line, I focus on bringing back retro styled looks from the 60's and 70's. History repeats itself and I think that was the best time for sunglasses. I have a new streetwear line which I am very proud of. It is called ‘Regurando’. It's a line based on Japanese horror movies and comics such as the likes from Junji Ito and the Grudge movie series. Its the first line, to my knowledge, to focus on Japanese horror!
D Fashion:  What are your future plans?
LeGrand: Currently, I am planning on opening a store in Japan for Regurando. I am also breaking into the film industry with my short film debut called "Grandmas and Ladybugs". Of course, simultaneously, I continue to grow in this field. I always want to be the better version of myself.
D Fashion: What would have you been if not a designer? smiles
LeGrand: I honestly don't know. I originally went to school for music but they wanted me to teach so I dropped music. I would probably do something with music. I don’t really imagine myself doing anything else than designing, but if hypothetically I have to, I’d pick music.
D Fashion:  Who inspired you to become a Fashion designer?
LeGrand: I like to think I inspired myself but I really am a huge fan of the late Karl Lagerfield. He was truly a great man who I looked up to. 
D Fashion:  What's your idea on Fashion for all?
LeGrand: I think good clothing should be more accessible to the masses. There are people around the world without shoes on their feet and I believe that’s less than the bare minimum. Once you realize how much clothing is thrown out every year you truly see how much problem we have. 
D Fashion:  We see a lot of your photos with your mom on Instagram, can you tell us more about you as a son?
LeGrand: My mom is great. I'm a little trickster and I'm always cracking jokes but I like to think that I take care of my mom the best I can. I hope to be the best of myself for her. I love all the time we spend together, every moment is very precious.
D Fashion:  If you would want go to one designer to design your clothes apart from you, who would that be?
LeGrand: Vicky Tiel. Although, she doesn't design men’s' clothing to my knowledge. Apart from that, I don’t see my clothes being designed by anybody else.
D Fashion: What do you do in your free time apart from being a designer?
LeGrand: Right now, I've just been editing my first movie that I just shot. It is taking up a lot of my time. I hope to see great results there.
D Fashion:  How do you take up criticism?
LeGrand: I don't. That’s why I’m barely on social media. Everyone has an opinion and frankly, I don't care. If I made it, I like it and that’s all that matters. Other’s opinions on your work shouldn’t matter. If you’re happy with what you create, cherish it.
D Fashion:  What's that one trend you want to bring back from the past?

LeGrand: I want guys to wear sleeve garters again. They were a staple during the 1920's. Would love to see them again. I think they’ll become a huge sensation among the youth. So yes, I’d really love to see them back in fashion.
Photo credits to Kadeem Brown


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