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Interview with Sharib Hashmi the Filmistaani Guy

Sharib Hashmi is the man who made Nitin Kakkar’s Filmistaan look like an ode to Hindi cinema. Filmistaan won the National Film award for Best film and earned Sharib acclaim of a different kind.

Having then moved on to do films like Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Slumdog Millionaire, Sharib says he found his career calling very late in life as JK Talpade alongside Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man on Amazon prime and Voot blockbuster Asur 2 both are a A cult-favourite now, Hashmi gave glimpses into the journey he has had so far , the magic of OTT and Family Man 2  and his dream role as he gets candid with our Editor.


D Fashion: Tell us about your journey till Family man!
Sharib: My journeys till Family Man has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, full of thrills and chills, ups and downs but have enjoyed every moment of what life has offered and currently living my happy space now
D Fashion: How did you land your role in Mr Filmistaani?
Sharib: While the director of Filmistani, Mr. Nitin Kakar was penning down the script and I was assisting him. And he happened to mention that you would perfectly fit in that role.  I thought he was joking but was taken by surprise when the producer selected me form the audition and I ended up writing the dialogues of the movie as well (laughs)
D Fashion: You were outstanding in Darbaan, how did it feel to play a mellow character compared to cop roles?
Sharib: Darbaan is a very special movie for me and it’s the most challenging role I have ever played as there were 3 generation characters to be portrayed and so many shades were involved. And I was honored to work with Mr. Nipin Nadkarni whose creativity knew no boundries, he is the Director who is a national award winner and Darbaan was his first Hindi movie and the movie turned out to be so beautiful 
D Fashion: Jk was a ground breaking character, how did you get zeroed on?
Sharib: When I first auditioned the role, my character was to be named Ghosh, a Bengali character I asked the casting assistant, Raghav to Mukesh Chhabra that if I could portray a Bengali role. Upon audition and selection, they told u don’t have resemblance to a Bengali man, so they revamped the character to JK Talpade a Marathi character which suited my persona and the rest is history ( All smiles)
D Fashion: Your favorite movie role played yet
Sharib: It would be undoubtedly be Filmistaan as its closest to my heart and garnered and bestowed me magnanimous fame
D Fashion: JK or Lolark?
Sharib: For me both are very special, but if I have to choose one then it would be JK unanimously as it revived my career and paved my entry into the OTT platform
D Fashion: Will viewers get to see you in Asur 2?
Sharib: My character dies in the first season, but you might see a fleeting flashback
D Fashion: Tell us what we can expect in Family Season 2?
Sharib: Double the thrill, double the excitement, promises to be an even more captivating season and the viewer’s won’t be disappointed
D Fashion: Your favorite co actor in Family man?
Sharib: Its hands down Manoj sir, had a great time interacting, learning as I spent most of my times with him
D Fashion: The response so far has been amazing but it has stirred some controversy too
Sharib: Please watch the show first and then decide for yourself.
D Fashion: Your favorite cop movie?
Sharib: Ardh Satya, starring Om puri and Smita Patil 
D Fashion: Has Covid bought out any positive change work wise?
Sharib: The Lockdown really benefited me as a lot of my series and movies were streaming online as audience loved and appreciated my work even more as they were staying home 
D Fashion: Your dream role?
Sharib: My dream role would be Anant Velankar character portrayed by Om Puri Ji. It would be a dream come true!!

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