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MODAVISION®: Uniting Industries and Cultures for Peace and Solidarity

For the first time in history, the film industries, the music industries, the fashion industries, the media and even the nobility and distinguished Spanish political members come together, with the aim of supporting this already recognized and outstanding cultural and international solidarity movement. , which arises from La Paz, MODAVISION®.

This movement is distinguished by its emblem "Fashion is dressed in Peace", and has the close collaboration and encouragement of Raquel Entero, Countess of Pineda, godmother of MODAVISION®.
The primary objective of MODAVISION® is to raise funds for a group of talented children with different degrees of hearing impairment from the specialized school No. 5 in Kharkiv (Ukraine).
This is an event that will take place on June 8 at the Teatro Colegio Salesianos Estrecho, in Madrid.
In this event, the presence of very important and influential figures who are part of a rigorous and high jury is distinguished, such as Matías Ferreira; a young Uruguayan presenter, who has achieved a great career, being highlighted as a revelation singer and composer, awarded by prestigious international awards, such as the "Golden Jaguar." International actor and model. He is recognized as a highly successful entrepreneur who has captivated the public with his presence, elegance and charisma, through a fresh and modern image.
His career as an actor in Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Mexico stands out; as well as in theater, musicals and soap operas. The first male presenter of the National Lottery draws on the Mexican screen for two and a half years, as well as on other television programs and high-level events in the United States and Mexico.
In Buenos Aires, he acted in various musicals, which then led him to the proposal from Televisa to produce soap operas, one of them La Rosa de Guadalupe, one of the most prestigious in Latin America.
It is worth highlighting the infinite support and collaboration of the Argentine who designed jewelry for European royalty. María Luisa Fracchia, specialist in gemology. She carried out numerous works for Queen Letizia of Spain, Máxima of Holland and for Doña Sofía.
Marina Salas, Carolina Yuste, María Hervás, Susi Sánchez or Carmen Machi, among many others, wore their magnificent and spectacular jewelry while parading on the red carpets of the Goya Awards, Platinum Awards, Malaga Festival, etc. Without forgetting such important television figures as Anne Igartiburu who wore Lisi Fracchia jewelry on New Year's Eve 2020.
Likewise, Yulia Zhiveynova, a renowned international actress and model, who has managed to conquer many famous film directors in the history of Italy with her beauty and professionalism, such as the great Carlo Verdones, will attend this event.
Gabriel Francesco Amato, Alessandro Angelino, Gabriel Muccini, María Sofía Tognazzi, and Michele Morrone, among others…We can appreciate Yulia's work in Italian cinema and television: Petra 2, Imma Tataranni, Avvocato Malinconico, Io sono L’abisso…
In France, he distinguished himself for his relevant role in Alessandro Perrier's film production, titled "Why."
There will also be the notable presence of Carmen María García, president of the Woman's Week Foundation.
Carmen was chosen to be part of Diario de Empresa's Top 100 Ranking, which recognizes disruptive and innovative leadership, in the Woman Leader category.
In this way, it is part of a selection with a large female presence that recognizes the role it has been playing in recent years, leading initiatives to defend the rights of Women and Equality in all its axes: diversity, inclusion, gender, disability, LGTBI, age, etc.
Twelve years of daily and intense work through the Woman's Week Foundation and other organizations linked to them and which have helped to be born: Mujeres Impactan Mujeres (MIM), Federation of Entrepreneurial Women Entities of Latin America and the Caribbean (FEMELYC), Aviadoras and others.
As president of the SporTi platform, together with other non-profit entities, he has carried out his collaborative social action with the refugees from Ukraine, those affected by the eruption of the La Palma volcano, the damages of Filomena or the most needy in confinement, for more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.
And as president of the Spanish Observatory of Gender Violence (OEVIGED), she fights to help women and minors against cyberbullying, cybercrimes, bullying on social networks, etc., collaborating with other public and private cyberrisk and cybersecurity organizations, including some organizations linked to the National Police and the Civil Guard.
Among other recognized figures worth highlighting is Diego Ferro, dancer, singer, actor and active member of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, as well as the Performing Arts in Spain, who has participated in numerous theater projects and various programs. TV, short films and video clips from various musical groups such as Leblond or the legendary The refreshments.
Karlygash Nugmanova, head of the Center for Geopolitical Forecasting East-West. Doctor in Political Science, professor of several publications in Forbes.
Member of the Public Council in connection with the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the editorial board of the scientific journal IJBST Jornal Group; editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine Sardar and Defense Bulletin Civil.
Laura Giménez Hernández, Executive President of the Association of National Police Retirees of Spain (AJPNE), as well as promoter and member of the Digital Gender Violence Observatory (OEVIGED) and co-founder of the solidarity platform Sporti.
Bruno Barbato, a great musician, composer and actor who has participated in the Master Chef Uruguay and is among the most renowned makeup artists in Barcelona, ??where he has shown his brilliance and professionalism by doing makeup for prominent celebrities such as Fernando Lindez, actor from the series Elite and Versace model.
Eva Montoro, jewelry and costume designer for artists, actors, participants in television shows and red carpets.
Patri Ojera, excellent international model, known as a television presenter, actress and director of renewable engineering and sustainability projects. She started as Miss and became a benchmark for female leadership.
Pilar Rodero Carillo, twenty years of experience in the field of fashion and design, in different aspects, as well as a great influencer and teacher.
MODAVISION®, will be presented by the beautiful Dayana Vallenilla, an event that will be broadcast live by the distinguished videographer Richermar Koffy, founder of Riko-Visión, located in the Netherlands.
With the purpose of raising funds, a great event is being held that will take place on June 8 at the Teatro Colegio Salesianos Estrecho, in the city of Madrid (Spain).
Children in Ukraine must face armed conflict, lack of resources, constant threats and forced displacement.
Despite their physical, mental, economic and political difficulties, they strive to find a way to overcome obstacles and seek peace through fashion.
The school and the Ukrainian circle of arts and crafts have organized workshops such as “Young Designer” and “The ALISA Costume Theater”, where they have made a collection of garments that will be included in the MODAVISION® fashion show.
Fashion allows children to live in a different world, feel safe and express their talent and individuality. The designs made by these young people demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity, as well as their ability to transform the world.
The collaboration of MODAVISION® with the educational center of Madrid (Teatro Colegio Salesianos Estrecho) and with the school in Ukraine, makes this event very significant and important at an educational and training level.
Since it involves youth in an atmosphere in which creativity plays a fundamental role, creating new opportunities, and values ??as relevant as La Paz, equality, diversity and inclusion. This event opens borders and, at the same time, unites them.
In addition to being a solidarity event, another of the priority characteristics of the MODAVISION® Global Cultural initiative is to ensure dignified participation among designers from the different countries interested in this contest; who will move to Madrid in order to represent their nation, exhibiting their fashion collection, opening doors for new names and young talents.
This international television contest is along the same lines as Eurovision; However, fashion will be the fundamental piece that reigns with its elegance and distinction. Great fashion designers from various nations of the world will compete in order to obtain the prestigious title of "Best Designer in the World 2024", directed by the prestigious Spanish businesswoman Olga IF, who has a great professional career as a designer, producer and screenwriter.
Olga IF, has a great personality and skill; Deep love and constant struggle are reflected in his eyes. Over the years, her artistic and cultural career has experienced great success, accompanied by the greats of the fashion world, such as the designer Maison Mesa, Antonio Chávez, María Lafuente, Roberto Piazza, etc.
It has received the support of Javier de Montini, Spanish journalist, specialized in social chronicle, Cesar Benítez, executive producer, president of Plano a plana, Pedro Masilla Viedma; sociologist, journalist and fashion critic, great journalist and communication advisor, Ricardo Martín, Mencia de Morales y de Borbón etc.
During this trip, filming and interviews were made that are part of a documentary by Olga IF.Awarded at several Film Festivals, it has achieved the attention of the Oscar Academy; without forgetting that Olga is ranked 19th among the 50 best Spanish designers. A great example to follow.
 And now, Olga IF gives us this remarkably surprising new event, a very unique experience, in which we can experience how art and the body merge with fashion. María Arcos (Colored Mary), director and creator of Colored Art Studio, immerses us in the magic of Body Painting in real time, while beautiful models show beautiful collections.
Likewise, this magnificent event will also have the exclusive collaboration of the recording studio M.A.C Studio Production, located in Gibraltar and formed by the musician composer, singer and arranger John Adam Mascarenhas and by Teresa Mascarenhas, writer and poet, lyricist and arranger, who will be dedicated to the musical production of MODAVISION®, through multiple original and unreleased songs produced both for the designers and for this event itself. And of course, Gemma Alpuente, a very talented young Valencian artist who since 2020 made a very important leap into the national market, obtaining the Alhambra Valencia 2023 Prize. She will dazzle us with her art, drawing a live masterpiece that will later will be auctioned in solidarity with the children of Ukraine.
The contemporary dance company CARABDANZA will also be present and will show its methodology, based on the study of dance technique. The dancers will play their role as models, in order to help the designers create a work or story, which expresses emotion through movement.
The International Organizing Committee of the MODAVISION® World Cultural Initiative invites us to witness this prestigious international event.
Tickets can be purchased through this link
In short, MODAVISION® is an initiative of great reflection, since we are all winners, whether in the training of designers, spectators, musicians, presenters, schools, collaborators, sponsors. The essence of MODAVISION® is: dream, struggle, creativity, achievement, enthusiasm, progress, unity, learning, humility, respect, tolerance and equality.In short, the work that drives an entire society and makes it more fair.
He has persistently demonstrated the uniqueness of his work, achieving numerous awards, including being the only person in the world to have obtained a double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ in fashion.
His two projects “Maestro Kid” and “Kidraws” to help a Ukrainian family are shown at the Museum of Peace Heroes in Vienna.
In April 2022, he participated in a humanitarian bus trip to the border of Poland and Ukraine, with the purpose of providing humanitarian aid and collecting refugees.

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