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Emirati Elegance Unveiled:Exclusive UAE Map Diamond Collection by Etika Jewels and 2DOT4 Diamonds

Etika Jewels, a homegrown jewelry brand committed to excellence and innovation, proudly announces its latest collaboration with esteemed local manufacturer 2DOT4 Diamonds. In celebration of the UAE's 52nd National Day, this groundbreaking partnership introduces a never-before-seen creation: a UAE map-shaped diamond as the centerpiece of two exquisite special-edition jewelry pieces.

Crafted with precision and dedication by the expert artisans at Etika Jewels in collaboration with 2DOT4 Diamonds, the Special-Edition UAE Necklace and Ring exemplify the spirit of unity, innovation, and heritage that define the Emirates. These exclusive pieces are a true testament to the shared values that have shaped the nation over the years.
The showstoppers of this collection, the Special-Edition UAE Necklace and Ring, both feature a remarkable diamond in the distinct shape of the UAE map, serving as a tribute to the country's rich heritage and forward-looking vision. Designed to honor the UAE's 52nd National Day, each piece is meticulously crafted with 18K yellow gold and adorned with lab-grown diamonds of exceptional quality.
The Special-Edition UAE Necklace, weighing 7.3 grams, boasts a total of 1CT of lab-grown diamonds, while the Special-Edition UAE Ring, weighing 4 grams, is set with 0.9CT of lab-grown diamonds. Both pieces are adorned with a radial medallion showcasing the UAE map-shaped diamond, encircled by smaller diamonds, symbolizing the unity and solidarity of the Emirates.
"These exclusive pieces represent more than just jewelry; they are a symbol of our pride and reverence for the UAE," expressed Basma Chaieri, founder of Etika Jewels. "Collaborating with 2DOT4 Diamonds to create the UAE map-shaped diamond signifies our commitment to celebrating the essence of this remarkable nation—a land of opportunity, unity, and enduring vision."
2DOT4 Diamonds, a homegrown lab-grown diamond manufacturer, is at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge technological advancements to the GCC for the creation of lab-grown diamonds. The company boasts its own CVD Reactors, equipped with specialized in-house technology and assembly chains. These innovative technologies allow them to produce high-quality 'above ground' and 'as-grown' diamonds, providing versatility in their utilization across various applications.
The pieces are meticulously crafted using diamonds of F/VS quality, certified by IGI, reflecting the brand's unwavering dedication to authenticity and excellence. Available for purchase exclusively on www.etikajewels.com until December 2, 2023, the Special-Edition UAE Necklace is priced at AED 7,875 while the Special-Edition UAE Ring is available for AED 6,930.
Etika Jewels, founded by Basma Chaieri in 2022, stands as an advocate for ethical and sustainable jewelry alternatives. With a focus on lab-grown diamonds and mindful designs, the brand aims to revolutionize the industry by promoting ethical standards and fostering community empowerment.

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