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Richie Rich's RICHERETTE: Redefining Glamour at LA Fashion Week

The fashion world witnessed the spectacular resurgence of Richie Rich, the iconic club kid turned designer, at LA Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion this past weekend on Thursday, October 19th, 2023. Richie, having lived many lives in the fashion realm, presented the rebirth of the 2000s brand, Heatherette, now rechristened as Richerette.
An Exquisite Journey:
Richerette's LAFW showcase was nothing short of a transcendent experience. It transported us to a realm where fashion knows no bounds. Richie's distinctive touch and boundless creativity were on full display, leaving fashionistas in awe while taking in the glitz, bedazzling and shimmering fashion ensembles.
Queer Streetwear Revival: 
Richie Rich, an iconic queer figure, rekindled the spirit of fun and unapologetic expression with his new collection, Richerette. For millennials and Gen Z, his work embodies campy charm and serves as a testament to the power of self-expression.
A Glorious Return:
Richie's comeback is reminiscent of the fashion legends who defined the 2000s, with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Naomi Campbell gracing his past runways. The resurgence of Richerette is a testament to the enduring allure of brands like Pretties, Diesel, and Chrome Hearts.
Challenge Convention:
The runway featured audacious moments, including a model strutting with a lit cigarette, posing the question: What defines trash and treasure in fashion? The line between daring and divine was delightfully blurred.
Disco Dreams:
Set to the rhythms of Donna Summer and disco tracks, the 20-minute show offered a unique glimpse into streetwear. Rather than complete looks, the collection showcased individual pieces. Some, like an oversized veil and a sheer beaded blouse, shone brilliantly, while others, like sport shorts layered with ripped fishnets, seemed like repurposed gems from the LA garment district.
Community Over Conformity:
Richerette's collection beautifully conveyed a narrative of Richie Rich's past, with nods to Heatherette's iconic aesthetics. The show celebrated diversity, with a casting that reflected the melting pot of life - from the "Party Belly" to an eclectic mix of personalities.
A Magical Night:
Fashion transcended mere garments; it was about embracing queer joy and the passionate journey of a designer who's dedicated over 30 years to his craft. The night wasn't just about clothes; it was an ode to the expression that often surpasses even the most impeccably tailored garments.
Embracing Yesteryears:
Richerette harkens back to the era of Jeremy Scott and D Squared, offering a campy contrast to New York Fashion Week's glossy appearances. The fashion world may have evolved, but Richerette's spirit captures the unpretentious joy of fashion. DNA from Rich’s Heatherette are palpable through mixed materials, colors, bold statements, and distressed haute-looks, especially the unforgettable headwear (hats)
The Return of RICHERETTE:
In the wake of this unforgettable debut, Richie Rich is bringing the iconic RICHERETTE collection to a new generation. The BOOM: Disco Pop Fun fashion line rekindles the 90s club scene, queer expression, and androgynous fashion.
Noteworthy Collaboration:
Richie's collaborations have left an indelible mark on the fashion and music industry, with icons like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, and many more gracing his past creations.
Join the Celebration:
Richerette's select looks debuted at LA Fashion Week will be available for sale online at richerettebyrichierich.com in the coming weeks.

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