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OWN IT" is a vibrant tribute to the essence of empowerment, presented by COLURi

Colourful jewellery brand COLURi, presents their new campaign OWN IT – a celebration of empowerment, attitude and moments that define us.
Relatable and captivating, the sequence of feel-good scenes embodies COLURi’s feminist values by playfully questioning the perceptions of women in today’s world. OWN IT highlights universally shared experiences to create powerful emotional connection between each protagonist, and with viewers worldwide.
Filmed in Barcelona, the city of colour, COLURi’s collection of statement watches stand-out throughout. OWN IT showcases the diverse range of bold coloured enamel watch dials, each complimenting the sassiness and personality of their beholders. We also witness the versatility of COLURi’s signature interchangeable watch bands feature - with both the elegant stainless steel and more playful fabric band option on display.
OWN IT’s most provocative scene portrays businesswoman Laura shamelessly discarding social convention to fulfil her desires as she mounts a dining table to devour cake. A powerful example of a woman in control of her own choices and pleasures, whatever they may be.
“There’s nothing more fashionable than being yourself” explains Anna, COLURi’s Founder. “Wearing COLURi is much more than feeling happy in colour. It’s about inspiring others to feel comfortable with who they are. It’s about giving back to those in need.”
Innovative artistic direction conveys OWN IT’s brand messaging. From Double-denim attire uniting Rosa, an elderly Hip Hop enthusiast, and Bianca, a younger, and equally soulful spirit - illustrating that style has no age limits. To a jaw-dropping introduction to pregnant Montse - reaffirming that true beauty is all about embracing our physical evolution. In another scene, one of society’s oldest secrets of ‘Why do women spend so much time together in the bathroom?’…is finally uncovered.
COLURi’s OWN IT campaign does not fail to surprise and delight. And “Wear your attitude” couldn’t be a more fitting narrative for the final scene, given the literal symbolism on display – Julia eating her cereal with a spoon directly out of her handbag as she stares down a bus full of onlookers.

With COLURi donating 30% of proceeds to international women’s charities, and every collection named after women who inspire us all, this up-and-coming fashion brand is one to look out for… and hard to miss. 

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