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'THE SEED' by HIAN TJEN for 2023/2024

After a long time from stepping into the couture fashion industry and creating fashion collections that made Hian Tjen's name rise in the Indonesian fashion industry, Hian Tjen tried to explore back to the days when he started his career as a fashion designer, the early days with creative thinking that relied more on beauty and elegance. With the result of this thought, Hian Tjen then poured it into a collection with the title 'THE SEED', something that will grow into a beautiful work, which is showcased at the Paris Fashion Air on 30th September 2023, 7:00 PM (GMT +2) at Maison de l'Amérique latine. A historic venue, from the 19th century, where the stage is made as a stylish and multifaceted event that blends with European luxury with modern creativity, located in the heart of Paris at 217 Bd Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris, France.

"The idea of 'THE SEED' itself came when I saw flashbacks of the journey that has brought me to where I am today. A long journey that I experienced, like watching seeds that grow into beautiful flora, which is my position at this very moment that I am very grateful for," said Hian Tjen. "I think back to every process I went through, the passage of time that I needed, from the time when I couldn't do anything, to get to where I am today. From there I was inspired to make good use of this opportunity, grasping the seeds that were metaphors for my creativity, and then I sowed them into a collection that is goingto become the world of flora from my perspective. Beautified with my design style, modern construction, and femininity crafted with elegant creations, complemented by detail-oriented craftmanship." Hian Tjen said.

The flora in 'THE SEED' collection is decoratively arranged, then immortalized with embroidery techniques on very delicate materials, such as tulle. Hian Tjen uses meters of tulle, decorated with expanses of flora and foliage, creating fresh motifs on the smooth transparent tulle surface. The accuracy of embroidery execution is carried out with excellent skill and accuracy, so that the needle does not make the tulle wrinkled and wavy. Color choices in the form of soft colors such as purple, pink, olive green, white, gray, blue, peach, all of which are in the dusty spectrum (illusion of dust impression), this is related to the flora that grows on the ground, covered in dust but exposes beautiful color formations that are down-to-earth. Flora embroidery is also developed again into 3D flora. In addition to embroidery. In addition to tulle, this collection also uses exquisite fabrics of pleats, velvet, organza and lace materials.

Dresses designs consisting of corset dresses with gathered skirts composed of layers of tulle, dense but lightweight, dimensional because embroidered flora appears in different layers. Some parts of the skirt are also decorated with rows of feathers. Shorts are matched with a tailor jacket, and there are also trousers whose entire surface is neatly covered by fringe gradations (strands of fine beads), matched with vests. Oversized jacket covered with feathers and crystalized bodysuit with the surface length overcoat filled with 3D floral.

In this Paris Fashion Air, Hian Tjen is supported by one of his closest friend and business partner, the world renown couture accessories designer, Rinaldy Yunardi, where he helped to realize Hian Tjen’s vision of The Seed’s accessories, made with gold metals. The accessories design is also inspired by the movement of flora and foliage, creating a delicate, contemporary, sophisticated designs. This collection presents to you all, a romantic, subtle, beautiful, and elegant impression.       

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