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Milan's GX Fashion Week September 2023: Commanding the Grand Stage

Milan fashion week has ended and in the city, as in every edition, the art of the sector positively invades the historic center between shootings, social stories, live shows and catwalks, confirming the Lombard capital as the world's glamor capital. Last September 23rd, in the interiors of the marvelous Palazzo della Fondazione Stelline, in Corso Magenta, the GX Fashion Week took place, an artistic masterpiece directed by the very successful Gentiana Dervishi, now a well-known and esteemed figure in the sector, president of the Showteam Association, a reality that organized and created an event with announced success.

 The successive fashion shows attracted the presence of a renowned audience, made up of journalists, bloggers, buyers and influencers who came to the city of Milan for the occasion from all over the world, for an event of international resonance which is held every year during fashion week in Milan.

 The event included well-known designers, who presented the latest trends as well as artisanal and sustainable sartorial innovations, capturing the imagination of the public and critics, with very particular elegant creations, whose distinctive style and ability to combine elements , have consolidated unique and unforgettable garments, capable of anticipating future trends. The proposals won praise for their originality. Additionally, Gentiana Dervishi has proven to be an inspiration to others in the industry. Her dedication to environmental sustainability and workplace equity has won admiration from many people in the fashion industry, as she promoted the use of sustainable materials, proving that it is possible to be glamorous without compromising ethics.


  The clothes of Owana Lima, brand NICTEEL, Guatemalan leader recognized among the 150 most important women in Central America and among the 50 most influential women in Guatemala, appointed fashion ambassador in 2020 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colorado, enchanted the public which packed the Stelline Foundation Building, presenting a collection whose theme was based on tradition but, at the same time, on dynamism and sustainability. The designer Umberto Perrera, Sartoria Perrera brand, more than eighty years of age and sixty years of experience in the artisanal tailoring sector, multiple award-winning in his career and meritorious of the Accademia dei Sartori of Rome, transmitted a positive message aimed at the technological innovation of the textile, giving the absolute example of how professional renewal is possible in the manufacturing of garments of absolute value.
The stylist Claudia Cinzia Atella, brand Claude Couture Creation, also came to the city from Sardinia. She is from Cagliari with southern origins and trained in her region as a girl at prestigious institutes in the sector until she became an authentic creator of eclectic yet original masterpieces. and very elegant, with a refined taste. The proposed collection was inspired by the latest book by Alberto Cocco, television journalist, entitled "Il Calendario degli Animali", as well as the story of a Roman photographer who moved to Sardinia and met interesting characters.
The designer associates the wonders created by him with the silent sensitivity of animals. A strange but interesting but stimulating combination and the catwalk proved her right. Francisco Rodríguez, Faraón brand, Dominican, confirmed himself as an important presence, given the very rich curriculum which has earned him numerous recognitions and awards throughout his career. In the past he held important positions, as Fashion Design consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), then President of the Association of Artisans of the Chacabanas of the Dominican Republic.
He is currently President of the Association of Dominican Stylists and of the company LAURENTH INDUSTRIAL, SRL. Considered the precursor of the new concept of "chacabana", the ordinary, the gross, FARAÒN presented his collections, enchanting those present. The designer Cristian Fortunato, brand Holamosa, Sicilian from Palermo, revisits the identity of the collections in a whimsical key, going outside the box and the territorial standards, mixing classic fashion with very whimsical pastel colours, offering the public creations with an inimitable and unique taste, naming them the theme “One day only Milan” spring/summer 2024. One day only in Milan, “one day only to show what I create, demonstrating who I am”.
Classic fashion revisited and reinvented with sartorial elements that blend flair and classic in a collection of exquisite charm. The designer Elsida Pepa, Albanian, teacher of the Albanian Design Academy, owner of a renowned, homonymous atelier, dedicates the entire collection to her mother, "A great love like you, Mother", as a gift for sixty years of age and forty in the fashion branch. Daughter of art, therefore, she amazed the audience with creations whose virtue proved to be an example for everyone.
Technologies, innovation, but also tradition and respect for the family, with values ​​at the top of everything. Sonila Harizi, Albanian designer, brand DSA Dream Store Albania, has been running a men's clothing business for 25 years. The resonance he received in Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries meant that his stylist activity also included women's fashion with majestic ceremonial dresses. The stylist aims for direct contact with the customer, studying their taste and trends in order to carefully choose fabrics and artistic combinations to sew on.
 His passion was inherited by his son Alex Harizi, who in these three years developed his own designs with passion and a new spirit in the latest trends. Valuable clothes paraded on the catwalk, the prestige of which was recognized by the important industry figures present. The Algerian designer, Fouad Guerfi, of the Maison de Couture brand, after years of apprenticeship in his hometown, Batna, a place where local craftsmanship flourishes, studies in the prestigious Parisian high fashion schools. In 1990 he created his first brand. He enjoyed success in Paris and Washington. “You Better-Fly butterfly” is the theme of his new collection that he presented at GX Fashion Week 2023, which revisited the traditional costumes of different regions of Algeria. Margarita Kola, Albanian stylist, Atelier Margot brand, after decades of experience gained in her country of origin where she trained, affirmed her knowledge in Greece, a country where she lived for a long time. He has produced for great designers and has seen his garments promoted all over the world.
The collection on the catwalk was a dedication to the woman of character and the message launched was welcomed by thunderous applause from the audience present. Also present was the stylist Flora Cappucci, already associated with Showteam, who participated as Gentiana Dervishi's personal designer, creating for the occasion a completely handcrafted dress of charm, value and renowned workmanship, a masterpiece that made its mark on a day of " a thousand and one nights.
" The hair and make-up coordinators, Armanda Cerbella, Corrado Costanzo and Daniela Zeqo respectively, played a role of great importance, contributing significantly to ensuring that the models were perfectly flawless on the catwalk, perfectly interpreting the mood created by APS Showteam. The work of the aforementioned stood out for its excellent collaboration and ability to work as a team, contributing to one of the aesthetic elements whose relevance is absolute.
 This task was carried out by Arta Kola, Vjollca Bregu, Giulia Stracquadagno, Silvana Merkoqi, Mina D'Andrea, Roberta Secchi, Renata Korzeniewska, Maria Letizia Franzoni, Stefania Zanotti. Responsible for coordination and right-hand man of President Gentiana Dervishi, Alessia Xhafa, a girl with high abilities, managed to connect and synchronize all sectors in a painstaking way. Model coordinator is the highly esteemed Franklin Santana. Coordinators of the large team of photographers present Arentina Kola and Nicola Giordano. Presenter of the GX Fashion Week is the blogger and communicator Alessio Marrari.

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