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Milan's GX Fashion Week: A Worldwide Extravaganza of Quirk, Class, and Style

The catwalks will underline the wonderful multicultural universe of fashion.

In the heart of Milan Fashion Week, a city that embodies timeless elegance and design, the fashion world will witness an explosion of creativity and innovation with GX Fashion Week. This exceptional event will shatter expectations like every year, in order to give the public an experience that will capture everyone's attention and hearts, precisely for the refined celebration of diversity and eclecticism, nothing other than justice to the universal language .

  Once again some of the most daring and visionary minds in the world of glamor from every corner of the planet will be brought together, creating an enchanting mosaic of cultures, styles and trends that will leave the public speechless. In this edition the focus will be clearly placed on the celebration of fashion as a global art form and as a vehicle for expressing individual eccentricity, taste and refinement, in the context of creativity and stylistic diversity that will stand out. Over the past few editions, GX Fashion Week has seen an extraordinary variety of cultural influences converge on the catwalk.

 From the bright colors of Latin America to the minimalist lines of Northern Europe while, on 23 September 2023, at 3 pm, in the Leonardo Corridor of the Stelline Foundation in Milan, Corso Magenta 61, the explosion of ideas and inspirations will guarantee uniqueness and considerable level of choices believed in by Gentiana Dervishi, President of the APS Showteam Association who, assisted by a team of considerable experience, will guarantee, as on every other occasion in the past, a substantial afternoon linked to fashion. 

whose yardstick of choice and evaluation estimates have proven to be extremely painstaking and selective without distinguishing between emerging or already established stylists. «Without prejudice to the previous editions, a source of my personal joy, given the media response that has bounced around various dedicated magazines around the world, I believe that September 23rd not only reflects the same feedback, but also that it far exceeds anyone's expectations.

 Organizing a fashion show, with multiple designers, of a certain size, requires a lot of commitment which involves not only me but a large and trained staff, made up of reliable people who, just like me, care about winning outcomes. Only the ancient concept of team, applied to the letter, allows for announced successes. Dresses on the catwalk worn by models, Make-up Artist teams, together with the staff deployed behind the scenes, will be the perfect mix capable of interpreting excellent sartorial styles, the aesthetic mood created by APS Showteam", these are the declarations of Gentiana Dervishi , an eclectic artistic mind with very clear ideas regarding the technical dynamics that will take place during the day of the fashion shows.

Numerous designers will show off wonderful creations on the catwalk, including Umberto Perrera (Sartoria Perrera), Elsida Pepa (ada – Albanian Design Academy), Khalil Malek (Séléné Haute Couture), Sonila Harizi and Aleks Harizi (DSA – Dream Store Albania), Fouad Guerfi ​​(Fouad Couture), Owana Lima (Nicteel), Claudia Cinzia Atella (Claude Couture Creation), Francisco Rodrìguez (Chacabanas Faraòn), Cristian Fortunato (Hola Mosa – Man Collection), Margarita Kola (MK- Atelier Margot). «One of the distinctive characteristics of this edition will be the audacity to export the unexplored territories of fashion. Beyond sartorial wisdom, I intend to clear customs for what has never yet been experienced on the catwalks.

 Designers will dare bold color combinations, unusual fabrics and clothes that will challenge normally desirable conventions. Experimentation will represent the center of attention, with each designer who will try to overcome the limits of creativity" concludes the "Patron" of the event, finally pressing "on the awareness relating to environmental issues, where the GX Fashion Week Milan will focus attention on in order to take a step forward in promoting sustainability. Many designers will present creations made with refined materials, attentive to the theme, eco-friendly techniques and responsible approaches.

This commitment to sustainability will demonstrate that fashion can be at the forefront while limiting damage to our beautiful planet", underlines the President of APS Showtem. It is important to underline how precious the artistic and professional contribution of the make-up artists and hairdressers will be who, through unique experience regarding the models' ornamental contest, will apply the mood created by the event organization with flair and professional touch.

 Coordinators of the Hair Stylists Corrado Costanzo, who will be assisted by Armanda Cerbella, while the Make-up Artists will be directed by Daniela Zeqo. GX Fashion Week has attracted the attention of celebrities and iconic fashion influencers from around the world. Each successive leader will outline a unique work of art, ready to capture the imagination of the public, while the wonderful environments of the Stelline Foundation will welcome the above, located in the heart of Leonardo's places, right where they once found ground the fertile roots of the Vineyard of the great Renaissance artist, the "Leonardo's Gardens", in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie where the most famous mural painting in the world, the Last Supper, is preserved.


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