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Unveiling the Driving Force: Karry G, Ukraine's First Vocal DJ, Shares Career Beginnings and Musical

Unveiling the Driving Force: Karry G, Ukraine's First Vocal DJ, Shares Career Beginnings and Musical 
Karry G is an Ukrainian musician, the first vocal DJ in Ukraine. She exclusively told us about the start of her career and her musical preferences.

DFM:  What prompted you to start your DJ career?
Karry: I felt attraction towards djing for, like, all of my life. I began my interest in music in my early years when practicing piano lessons and also participated in musical theatre. But what really moves me, is the vibe.This great atmosphere at the fest.This unmistakable mood. I've always loved to watch and dance to such spectacular events like Coachella and Tomorrowland.You’ve got lovely people around you, top-notch line-up, incredible sound! Now i’m looking forward to diving into the party in the fanzone, and on stage.
DFM:   There are a lot of male DJs in the world. Don't you think that's a discrimination? No, I don't think it's discrimination, but I would be happy to mix-up this guyS company lol
Karry: Let's look at it from the perspective of equality. I think in the world of today everyone has an equal chance. If you know well enough what you want, there's a world of opportunity in front of you. Technologically speaking, we live in some pretty incredible times.
My driving force is my great desire. I mean, not just grab the stars, but realize yourself in this area. I guess that’s what I would call a complete happiness
DFM:   In addition to creating music, you also add your vocals to the track. What is it like to be a vocal DJ?
Karry: Electronic music is mostly instrumental music, right? And I love instrumental music and I always use it a lot in my sets. It gives you space, it leaves you room to dance, to move, to express yourself, to sing too)). But there's another thing - the vocal track. That's a totally different story. When I put my vocals in the music, I feel the magic happening. My tracks get a new life, with vocals the tracks open up in a completely new way.It's because I add a part of myself into them. That's why I can safely say that my music is soulful
DFM:   What style of music is characteristic for you and why?
Karry: Progressive house – ‘cause it represents my generation. From Sasha’s and John’s (John Digweed) 1990s milestone progressive house/trance mixes, which were quite eclectic crossovers at the moment picking whatever sounded poignant, to each and every star and emerging artist playing in this genre today
DFM:   When did you first realize that making music was your thing?
Karry: I think it’s the times when I started wanting to add some elements of my own to the music.
DFM:   What distinguishes you from other DJs. Name three characteristics
Karry: First of all, I am a vocal DJ, girl (and as you have noticed there are very few of us in this niche), the fact that I write music, my good taste in music, is that not enough?
DFM:  Karry G is (describe the character and your best features.
Karry: Motivated, persistent, fair, sociable, open, surely a little mean
DFM:   How to create electronic music during the war. When did you first start creating?
Karry: I began to write music after I came out of a … torpop caused by the war. My life had kind of frozen and I was in a standby mode. It was repulsive and very stressful. But then, quite out of the blue, I realized that I have to move on with my life, despite the bombs Russia’s throwing at us. And then, realizing that, I got the inspiration that actually led to the writing of my first songs
DFM:   Who do you let listen to your tracks and do you make home, private DJ sets for your family?
Karry: Private sets and parties are fun. First of all, it's very inspiring. You think freestyle, you act impulsively and boldly. You can make a joke and play something special in the middle of a set, and completely out of genre. Everyone will appreciate laughing though. House parties are always fun.My first listeners are, of course, my family, but also my close circle of friends and my team. Together we decide what is okay and what is not.
DFM:   You are on the eve of releasing your first author's track. What are your feelings and what will it symbolize?
Karry: Wow, I am super excited, because this has been my dream. My creation, the realization of myself and the fulfillment of my most cherished dreams. And, yes, I would certainly love to promote Ukraine with my music. Today the world needs to know how amazing Ukraine is, a country of talented and progressive people. We’ve had so many outstanding figures throughout the centuries. I’ve been admiring the Ukrainian legacy in terms of music, history, art. Mykola Leontovich, Ivan Aivazovsky, Maria Prymachenko have given the world unforgettable creations. I also keep an eye on my fellow Ukrainians, and I admire the succes of them, from Tanya Muino in directing to Ruslan Baginsky in fashion. As for the dance music, - Ukrainians are always a good choice; Artbat, Meyer, Miss Monique - my colleagues and my biggest inspiration.

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