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Plus-size lifestyle fashion brand MULU expands into the UAE

MULU, a lifestyle fashion brand exclusively dedicated to plus-size women, today announced the opening of a new office in Dubai as part of its MEA expansion plans.

The fashion brand, formerly known as Kanessa, was previously based in The Netherlands where it began its e-commerce operations in 2018. The brand is sold globally and has been successful in the European and North American markets. MULU has now replanted its roots to Dubai to meet increased demand for plus-size fashion across the Middle East and Africa.
The new office in Dubai offers a strategic location that will help build MULU’s local and regional presence for its on-the-ground operations. MULU has also set up a warehouse that will serve as the regional hub for operations as the brand continues to expand into new markets and meet growing customer demand in the region and Africa. This year, MULU plans to open a retail store in Dubai to further expand its footprint and serve customer needs.
According to the most recent data, 31 percent of women in the UAE are now either plus size or above size L, and the figure in Saudi Arabia is 42 percent. However, finding clothes that fit plus-sized women well is a big challenge in the region. MULU was created in Europe as a fully plus-sized brand to solve this exact problem, and the expanded efforts in MEA aim to offer a solution to women who are not able to find clothing in their size.
MULU clothes range from size M to size 7XL. The brand is entirely dedicated to empowering plus-size women to feel comfortable wearing what they want without feeling the pressure to follow society’s trends to fit in. MULU encourages women to do and wear what they want without putting others first.
Kanessa Muluneh, founder and CEO of MULU, said: "After five years of growing the brand from The Netherlands, we are eager to take MULU to the next level. We are very excited to begin this new chapter for MULU from Dubai. We have listened to our customers in the region and Africa, and we are very conscious of their needs. When you're a plus-sized woman, your customer buying cycle and experience look different, and it needs to be approached differently. MULU is here to solve this issue in the region through new shopping experiences and innovative technology. We understand our customers' physical and psychological challenges when it comes to clothing."
About MULU:
MULU is a lifestyle brand exclusively dedicated to plus-size women. Established in 2018 by Kanessa Muluneh, MULU was born as a sportswear and lifestyle brand after Kanessa finished medical school. At MULU, we encourage plus-size women to do and wear what they want in a judgmental-free space. MULU is about making you feel comfortable expressing your individuality in whatever way makes sense for YOU. MULU is more than a clothing line – MULU is a movement. We believe in the power of education and community, and we solve problems for our community through fashion and innovative technology. Our mission is to teach women about the future of fashion and how they can be an integral part of the growth of the internet, specifically using Web3. Our products are sold in more than 10 countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, UK, USA, Canada, and Ethiopia.
For more information about MULU, please visit www.mulu.love or follow us on Instagram @mulu.manor.

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