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Milan Fashion Week Powered by HOME OF FASHION WEEK

 Mi Home is a product of Chona Bacaoco's vision in fashion, a fashion that is close to anybody's heart and feels almost the same as "coming home".

Inside a home is a family, HOME's vision is to bring together the emerging and established designers alike, combining diverse and raw talents together into one big and worldwide family. It is a place in fashion, where there is emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion, Integrity, Equality, Kindness, Respect and Compassion.
HOME wants to promote a culture of collaboration in the fashion industry, which is a revolutionary concept in this innately very competitive world.
This HOME is rooted in unity, not division. Not to dishearten, but to INSPIRE. Worlds Celebrity Designers Michael Cinco from Dubai, Rocky Star from India and Erick Bendana from Nicaragua are present to support and showcase their latest Fall/Winter Collections Amongst other designers are MM Milano Something like pluto RAYNIAH Gregory PamPinay Aruna Goud BlessbyBless All the way from Dubai two of renowned and award winning show directors Lokesh Sharma and Michael Amazona Delmar are flying to here in Milan direct the show. Miss Universe official footwear Jojo Bragais is partnering with Chona Bacaoco as the official footwear of the event. Excutive producer: Chona Bacaoco Co-producers Kubo Productions LLC Sally Ernsberger
In partnership with ixxia jewelry by Therese Guck.

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