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Zambian Woman Creates Gorgeous Outfits Inspired by Traditional African Clothing

Africa is a vast continent with a great diversity of nations and cultures that grace its beautiful land. And with each of those cultures comes a mixture of customs and traditions that make them all unique. The Zambian famous dancer, creative, and former Miss Africa Great Britain Chinyanta started out by styling a collection of outfits inspired by traditional African clothing worn by women in several regions of the continent. Then, she posted a instagram reel of herself transforming flawlessly into each gorgeous style, and the video quickly went viral.
Fittingly, the clip is set to Beyonce's BLACK PARADE. The powerful song makes countless historical and cultural references to the "motherland" in celebration of Black culture in its many forms throughout Africa and its diaspora. In line with the tune's message, Kabaso herself frequently makes videos highlighting the beauty of Black and African culture, focusing on aspects such as dance, fashion, and other cultural phenomena. Some of her past videos have also highlighted traditional African clothing as well as more modern styles and the African fabrics used to make them.

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